About Stem Cells


Much of popular conversation around stem cells focuses on the

future: We dream of stem cells transforming treatments, defeating

disease and ultimately changing health care as we know it.


Many are unware that we don't have to wait for a future yet realized.

Stem Cells have already been doing exactly this for decades.

Bone- marrow and, more recently, umbilical- cord blood stem cell

transplants have changed the lives of patients with leukemia and

lymphoma. Breakthroughs in understanding stem cells have revealed

their potential to create cures or revolutionary treatments for blindness,

MS, heart disease, spinal cord injuries and rare diseases such as

Stiff Person Syndrome for which clincical trials are already happening.


Stem Cells represent a revolution in health care, but we're still in the

early days. Bone marrow stem cell transplantation has been curing some

kinds of cancer for decades, but in other potential areas we've barely begun scratching the surface.


Much work lies ahead. First, the tireless research that leads to breakthroughs in understanding. Then, the translation of those breakthroughs into practical clinical trials that may change the status of incurable diseases and conditions. 


Canadian Stem Cell Foundation